A Survival Guide to Post Pandemic Era

For me COVID 19 Global Pandemic is a period of time where I was made to believe in the old saying of “Every dark cloud has a silver lining” when most of the individuals realized that money, luxuries and materialistic things has no major importance or worth to fight all throughout a lifetime of a human being; But focus more on things like gaining new knowledge from learning and experiences will help to adapt, adjust and survive in after pandemic era to come.

Let me begin with a simple question. Do you know one thing that never goes out of style on you? That is none other than the KNOWLEDGE you possess. Never can be stolen from you and the true wealth a man can get hold of. From cradle to grave knowledge is gain in various means – officially, non-officially, intentionally, non-intentionally, etc. Learning and setting the learning into actions is one major way to gain knowledge on anything and everything that amazes you in life.

I believe there is no any actual barrier in terms of time, interest areas and anything that you want to learn and gain knowledge other than the limiting belief that you, yourself hold on to. Yet being SMART and prioritizing the areas of trending topics of the period in gaining knowledge will be an added advantage in current world.

The current global COVID 19 Pandemic has given most of the humans around the world a difficult, stressful and at the same time a second chance to remind on their true potentials, true interests, true capabilities and many things that a person missed due to the rat race they were trapped in.

Hence isn’t this the high time to catch up all the missed pieces of your life?

  • Missed being with your Family? High time to share love, kindness, affection and little fun with all your cooking abilities, creativity and just… just being with them.
  • Stuck in a middle of a qualification? High time to get your hands on it again. A lot of online learning resources are now available and most of the qualification providers have now adapted to the online examinations as well….
  • That is not what you always love to do? High time to do what you love to do again! Do a cover song for your favorite song, Make your favorite dish at home, Draw your influencer in life, Capture a moment of your pet, Write your heart out, Empower your youngsters, Make some time for yourself and to Find You.
  • Always wanted to learn a NEW/TRENDING skill? NOW is the high time to start it. Plenty of opportunities, resources and mediums are awaiting you. Absolutely free, 100% online and no time bindings. What else you need to spend this quarantine period at home productively?
  • At last but not least, every little action of yours will count as a learning which will definitely become an experience and you never know the knowledge you possessed even by being with your family may come in handy at one point in your life in the future.

Coz, the important and easiest way to survive in the post pandemic era is to Stay Simple & small yet Think BIG!!

COVID 19 Global Pandemic’s quarantine period is a good way of reminding the life is like a roller coaster ride and every journey has twists and turns; Still the CHOICE of whether to close your eyes and hide in fear or to raise your hand up in the air and enjoy the ride is totally with YOU!!


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  1. This is really inspiring and a good read. Keep up inspiring and uplifting people’s psychs by positives vibes… Cheers to your good work…

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