Her Inner Light

Her weeping petals around her soul,
She hides herself from this cruel world,
The cold wind of rejections….
The deceitful drops of rain.….
Just as every day; make her feel useless;

All she seeks for a glimpse of sunshine,
Just to bloom from this misery….
Oh! Suddenly saw a golden ray of sunshine,
Through those gloomy clouds, all so glittery….

She thought to herself for a while,
Looking at the clouds; the golden rays within….
Though she hasn’t realized before,
The light has always been within…..💗

Wonder woman is not a character, It’s a mindset!!

Even on a darkest day,
Just as a sunflower finds sunlight,
She lifted her darkened soul up,

Turning her soul to the inner light!!

4 Replies to “Her Inner Light”

  1. An area that needs to improve is women Empowering each other having each other’s back. We have been taught to oppress each other, and often we do not support each other’s in our positions. Well written and beautiful words.

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